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The Mission of Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle School is to deliver quality instruction that fosters high academic achievement and social development in a safe and nurturing environment in collaboration with the home and community.
An effective faculty must work as a unified team to achieve educational objectives.
The fundamental task of a school is to educate students to function productively in society.
A nurturing educational environment requires mutual respect and cooperative support among faculty, students, parents, and community.
The skilled teacher is open-minded, inquisitive, and well informed in the pursuit of professional growth.
Varied teaching methods and techniques that accommodate students’ learning styles must be used for students to achieve academic success.
A climate that is conducive to productive learning is one in which there is a safe environment, with an atmosphere enhancing positive self-images, and where all participants are held accountable for their behavior.
A well-rounded curriculum provides students with academics, fine arts, physical education, and opportunities to develop and explore technical skills and career awareness.
There must be an up-to-date media center and technology, which provide support for a school to be effective.

Driving Directions


LBC Middle School Purpose and Direction
Full STEAM Ahead…
TOGETHER FORWARD                                          STEAM
Together We Stand Future Leaders Science
Open-minded Original Thinkers Technology
Global Thinkers Responsible Citizens Engineering
Encouraging Work Career College Ready   Arts
Teaching Integrity Advocates for Life-Long Learning Mathematics
High Expectations       Real World Problem Solvers  
Enriching Experiences Devoted to Kindness  
Respect for All